My Current Favorite Top Three Black Owned Make Up Lines (B.O.M.B)

Well I am back at it again with the black women friendly cosmetics, and since white people own all of the beauty industry, I decided that from now on I will only get the majority of my make up (which includes Lipstick/Lip Stains, Lip liners, and Foundation) from African American owned cosmetic lines. Yup, seeing that all has been going on lately with the beauty industry, I can’t with the bullshit. I think it’s time for women of color to take there money and put in the hands of black people who have there best interest at heart. So I am here to give a helping hand to all of my pretty ladies with beautiful brown skin.


The Lip Bar: This brand has had it’s humble beginnings on the TV show “Shark Tank”. When they were denied on the show, all hell broke loose and in the end, they already won everyone over (now that’s what I call girl power!).Now I can say that I am in love not just with the back story of the company, but also the cosmetic line itself! They have high pigment lip sticks, along with lip gloss, and even liquid matte lipstick that are under $13!!!! all the shades are brown skin girl friendly and on the website you can either order there or they are now available in Target stores nationwide!

From Left to Right: Purple Rain (Neon Purple), Whiskey Sour (Brick Red), and Amaretto Sour (Cool Caramel)


Liquid Courage Cosmetics: I am in love with cosmetic line seeing that the backstory of the founder/C.E.O. was a former tom boy like myself now reformed beauty guru. This cosmetic line is brown skin girl friendly along with t-shirts, handbags, and mugs all about “courage”. High pigment lipstick, and long lasting semi-matte liquid lipsticks have ranges of nudes, reds, pinks, and purples designed for all skin tones in mind.


Make Up for Melanin Girls: I have been following this Instagram for so long that when they came out with a liquid lipstick line I had to so some research. Long wear, ultra pigmented 8 shades that work for all shades of melanin. With names like “Dutty Wine”, “Melanin Merlot”, “Goals”, and “Brown Shuga” should be enough to let you know that this is designed for us brown skin babes in mind.

So there you have it! My current favorite brown skin babe friendly make up lines. I hope all my ladies (and dudes) find this helpful! Let me know what products you would want my personal point of view on. I have no choice but to keep it all the way real! Don’t get it twisted, I am a lipstick junkie…..I mean my name is lipstick and raybans lol. But beauty and brains can go hand and hand!!!


And please stay turned for part two! there is way more from where this came from lol



Police Brutality, Lynching, and Higher Education (the modern day trauma)

I swear my heart hurts so bad write now but writing is currently my therapy. I feel like I need to call on my ancestors and burn some sage in order to cleanse all the killing of black souls that have been happening in the last couple of years. I have a duty as a blogger to write how I feel along with reporting whats going on as an educator but a storyteller of the struggle.

I feel like ever since “The Election” of our new president the world has had there….as Paul Mooney would say….”the Nigga wake up call”! Everyone seems as if they are walking on eggshells just because at any moment the state of the nation can get really ugly, well technically it already has been ugly. American history was naver made for the minority. Politically our thoughts and ideas to better this country that lives of the idea of “manifest destiny”(which was a lie, and a scare tactic to come and rape, murder, and steal from native Americans buy saying it was Gods plan….was pretty fucked up) has never been welcomed either. We are reverting back to the 1950’s and Jim Crow era along with Bull Connor (aka Donald Trump) back tracking and promoting bullshit. Hate producing hate, racism producing racism, and shady politics promoting more shady politics.real-racism

Sometimes self care is the best care. Everything isn’t going the way it’s suppose to be in life sometimes and these last couple of months are trying times. People are in a mass sense of depression and worry. I pray for the state of the nation, I pray for the national government. I pray for all minorities that are willing to stand with each other in solidarity.

Even though I am a newly college graduate, I am still a black woman and that will never change. I can still get shot, raped, and arrested. I can have everything taken from me and still be told “you didn’t work hard enough….your being lazy”. Even though it took me 6 years to get a degree, I now have a $50,000 price tag by the federal government that I have to pay off too. Slavery can come in many forms, from the school to prison pipeline all the way to taking 10 years to get financially stable after going through undergrad, masters, and Ph.D. My black excellence matters but it took me almost half of my life being in my own skin to be able to love myself.

They tell you growing up that you can be anything that you want to be yet they make it 100% harder than anyone else. Well hopefully, times are going to change.


The tactics with police brutality in the last 20 years have been to me considered modern day trauma. We have to stand together no matter what! IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!

Kid Cudi, Kanye West and Mental Health in the Black Community.

Ever since I lost my mother I have never been the same since. I know what it is like to go through depression and have to deal with trying to figure out how to express my pain. I had to go to school and work, feeling like I had to be forced into a place where mentally, I had to suppress the though of expressing how I feel through a difficult time. If anyone out there has lost a parent or close relative, then you know how hard the grieving process can be. I wanted to numb myself by drinking heavily to wonder “what if the world was to lose me?….would they even care?…have I left a mark on the world with my purpose?” basically wanting to commit suicide by curiosity. Feeling alone, out of place, and with the idea of being in a black woman in america “we are not suppose to cry nor show emotion.” I felt embarrassed to show that I am feeling like I am in pain. Not asking for help and being prideful because since I was a little girl feeling like I had no resources to ask for help. Yet in the African American community, we look to the great white Jesus to make sure that we can be healed from all the dangerous thoughts that can be in your mind when your by yourself when there is no one around you. But what happens next? Yet mental health and black people somehow in the community don’t mix.

disappointed lhha

Kid Cudi has had this struggle with mental health for years and has decided that he is going to take time out to be able to focus on his self care and his battle with depression along with other issues. Ever since I hear his first album I knew there was something going on. Self medication, deep thoughts of loneliness, and suppressing the thought of suicide are just some things that I hear from him in his music. I am proud of Kid Cudi, and I hope he gets the help he needs, also with him coming out to the world about his issues with mental health, discussions are being made among the African American community about battles of mental health and self care, especially among African American men.


Now here comes Kanye West, we laugh at him, call him a coon, and shake our head because he is like the cousin in your family that can’t get right. When he came to my hometown Sacramento California for his St.Pablo tour, he was late and cut the concert short as hell. He had a good 15 minute rant about everyone in pop culture including president Obama, him being broke still and getting no help from his “actual” celebrity friends, and him along with Kid Cudi being aliens. Well Sacramento didn’t take it to well and the next day everyone was saying “Fuck Kanye” and even the local radio boycotting his music by not playing it on the station. Then he goes and cancels the rest of the tour dates and then ends up in the hospital as well all in less than 24 hours.

giphy kayne real

Yet we forget that his mother died November 10th, he had to go on tour right after and numbed the pain by going on tour and preforming all over the world, like a fucking circus monkey.He was suppose to die in that car accident, and he knows it as well as admitted it too! He ended up pushing all of this fear, frustration, and pain into albums, tours, and various other things. Yet entertaining all of us, and us as consumers buying into the bullshit with rose colored glasses though social media memes and TMZ. With his rant….it was sad, it was crazy, and it was upsetting. Yet he’s pretty much been crying out for help for years now, we as consumers along with mainstream media have brushed it off and screamed “Fuck You Kanye….dance nigga…dance”. Marie-laveau-amen

I am not favoring both sides of the situation at all. But at the same time, he needs help. He needs to stop and grieve through everything and get help. It’s okay not to be okay, and it’s okay to finally say “Hey, I need help. And I am scared, yet I feel like it’s time”.

How I was an Adult who Grew up in Foster Care (My Testimony)

The American foster care system is never an easy discussion and being a former foster youth and dealing with trauma is something that I still deal with to this very day. There are some days that I am able to wake up, put my mask on, and act like everything is okay. Making everyone laugh and being adorable, without anyone knowing about the deep battles of depression,anxiety, abandonment, and trust issues that I deal with day to day. Dressed everyday including make up and hair did with the thought like no one can faze you yet you would rather want to be left alone and do you all day with no make up on and turn off all social media. Not knowing that I am a really outgoing young woman who wants to be social, laugh with everyone else, and turn up but is turned off to the extra loud, overbearing, and overpowering consumption of people who want to fit in but have flaws like everyone else.

Most foster youth run alone, not with a lot of people just because for the simple fact that people probably since the age of five, have been in and out of there lives since then. That also means that it’s really hard to make close bonds with people and have healthy relationships because there was no stable foundation that showing how to deal with people and love ones because everyone was either lying to you or moving you from one home to another. Usually most children pick up unhealthy ways to deal with the fact that people in there lives are never who they say they are on they don’t advocate for them. I know for me I self medicated a lot (smoked a lot drank a lot and it got worse when my mother passed away), I lied a lot to cover up what I was feeling, and I even pushed away people that I knew I needed around me.

 These are some of the issues that  I have faced throughout my life and I am taking it one day at a time, dealing with these issues.

tea time

The reason my group of friends are so small is that I don’t run with everyone simple as that. I am a lone wolf, someone who is known by everyone but only a few really know me. I can portray on social media that I have everything together but knowing dang well I have a group of small friends that understand me because at the end of the day they can be all different and yet have the same mind state like myself.

I know growing up, in the group home, you could never have friends because in the end they where going to go home with a foster parent or their biological parents and you are going to be stuck dealing with feeling like your in prison. For some, you grow up hating your parents and wondering if you have any worth because people who 6/10 times aren’t your family are raising you and most likely when you get older, you’re going to feel like empty and alone. That’s what I am still dealing with as an adult. But it’s going to get better! Just take it one day at a time and understand that life has so many chapters in your journey that its only the start of the story!


When dealing with abandonment issues, it’s never easy, but overtime your thoughts get better. Once you start to deal with it and acknowledge it then it’s easier to deal with it. I know I have trust issues because at the end of the day people always have either good or bad intentions but you just have to take your time and get to know people. I know it’s okay to be quite and observe, you learn a lot from a person who is the loudest one in the room.

Over time I felt as I was becoming an adult, realized that what I have when through has made me a stronger person. I know that my story can be something that can inspire not just people who work in the foster care system but young people who are trying to find the inner hope that they need to be able to go on in there life and be able to keep going.

this is just the beginning of my story and my testimony I just want to document it one blog post at a time.


Being a black woman and working in urban education (Part 1)

When I first wanted to become a teacher I went to a orientation at my university for the Multiple Subject Credential program. All I wanted to do was get more information on the program and learn what I would need to do if I was to become a teacher in California. Well when I walked in, the majority of the room, about 80%, were middle age white women and the rest of the class was three black women including me, two black men, three middle eastern women, and five Latinas. Sadly I realized that the same orientation that I was taking part of reminded me of all the different classrooms that I had worked in. disappointed lhha

Ever since my first day of kindergarten I was in love with school. I don’t know what it was, but I was one of those kids that would cry at the end of the day because I had to leave school. I would love playing outside, the pet hamster that was named “Whiskers”, and even some of the schoolwork that we had to do in class. Yet times have changed since the 90’s and so has the educational system. Common Core has taken over the school system and teaching children as young as Pre-K “life skills” along with giving parents more headaches than relaxation. The “better off” school districts have more funding, which means that they won’t beg the state for educational funding compared to the “urban” areas that are always asking and never silenced. These are just some of the things that I have noticed since being apart of the educational system but in urban communities. That’s why I call it urban education. We are educating out future but there current circumstances maybe not the most promising.
the lord is testing me

Being a black women I notice things when I am in a classroom with young black boys and girls that most teachers wouldn’t notice. I know that there is a need for more black male teachers. Yes, I said it, we need more black men in the schools. We need more Ethnic Studies classes taught in k-12 education. We need to be able to have discussions with the children, not just the older children, about issues that is currently effecting the United States. They need to know there TRUE African history and where they come from. How they come from a long line of kings as queens that ruled nations. They need to learn about the concept of social capital and the importance of creating there own legacy. And yet we wonder why our black children are acting the way they are acting in the educational educators 2

It’s time for us as educators to be the ones to be the change and role models in the classroom along with being able to mold the young minds for the next generation of leaders.

Blue Ivy, Afros, and No Make Up: Stop Policing Black Women Beauty

My beauty is something that everyone that doesn’t have melanin wants. They would go tan, curl and crimp their hair, and even try every protective style in the book to look like me. Yet when we have children that are in South Africa protesting there right to wear the hair that God gave them and grown women from the black community are talking about Blue Ivy’s hair texture, we have a major problem.

tyra 2

Alicia Keys decided to stop wearing make up and everyone thinks she weird for doing so and the sad thing is….she looks more natural than half of the women in the industry and younger as well! So whats wrong with the “No Make Up” movement but yet we are okay with the natural hair movement?

Why is it that a black women’s beauty considered a fashion trend? Why can’t we as a collective enjoy what the good Lord gave us? Let little black girls and teens have the chance to understand that their beauty is something that no one can take away from them. Let these young ladies see positive representations of what it really means to have “Black Girl Magic” and use there talents to affect there communities.


I just want to say thank you to the young black girls that are in South Africa who are protesting for the right to wear there natural hair in school. They are really showcasing “Black Girl Magic”.

fist up fros out

All I can say is let black girls live! Let us live please! We come in all shape and sizes, colors and complexions, along with hair textures. Quit telling us we can’t be black when we are black. Stop saying our Box Braids, Kinky Twist, Afros, Curls, Coils, TWA, Weaves, and any hairstyle that we decide to wear isn’t considered to be beautiful and take that same style and call it a “trend”. Protective styling is not a trend! It’s a way for us to change up our hairstyles and make sure we “protect” out hair from the wear-and-tear of constant styling that our hair goes through. Let us enjoy who we are, let us support us. Empowerment comes from within, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

black beauty 1

Representation is always going to matter, Black beauty matters!


Life After Graduation(Transitional Period Pt.1)

I swear I feel weird. I feel like once I walked across the stage, turned my tassel to the other side, and left the arena to see my family and friends greet me with hugs and gifts, I felt just weird. College at the undergraduate level was over. There was no more fighting for classes, waiting 20 minutes in line to get lunch on campus, and trying to order books the week before (or the week of) even though the professor never used the book after all. I didn’t have to worry about trying to time manage everything when it comes to classes, work schedules, self care, and sleep. I know I’m not just going through it there is a lot of college graduates that can relate to what I’m going through.College was over. This milestone is over. It was all over!

I beleve it


Now a couple months go by and you start to look for work because sitting in your room, watching Netflix, and eating frosted flakes isn’t cutting it. You start looking at graduate school options but sadly you don’t have enough money to apply to  the big list of colleges that you want to apply to. You work at a job that doesn’t give you enough pay to even survive off of and yet you manage to do it. Because you have free time you go out more, even though you know dang well you are a home body (I like to call it a extrovert/introvert). Relationships suck because it seems like everyone around you are trying to get they stuff together and seems like no one has time to show any type of emotion. You just start to feel lost.

Now you wonder “What’s Next?”, you are at a cross roads on what is next in your life. This is all that I am feeling at one time, just lost, confused and upset.

I know all you can do it take it one step at a time. I know it sounds a little too simple, but that is pretty much it. Pray and follow God in all that you need to do. Keep going and do things that you love. Make sure that your self care always comes first. There is more to life than what is going on. I know it’s going to get better. Just take your time.