My Current Favorite Top Three Black Owned Make Up Lines (B.O.M.B)

Well I am back at it again with the black women friendly cosmetics, and since white people own all of the beauty industry, I decided that from now on I will only get the majority of my make up (which includes Lipstick/Lip Stains, Lip liners, and Foundation) from African American owned cosmetic lines. Yup, seeing that all has been going on lately with the beauty industry, I can’t with the bullshit. I think it’s time for women of color to take there money and put in the hands of black people who have there best interest at heart. So I am here to give a helping hand to all of my pretty ladies with beautiful brown skin.


The Lip Bar: This brand has had it’s humble beginnings on the TV show “Shark Tank”. When they were denied on the show, all hell broke loose and in the end, they already won everyone over (now that’s what I call girl power!).Now I can say that I am in love not just with the back story of the company, but also the cosmetic line itself! They have high pigment lip sticks, along with lip gloss, and even liquid matte lipstick that are under $13!!!! all the shades are brown skin girl friendly and on the website you can either order there or they are now available in Target stores nationwide!

From Left to Right: Purple Rain (Neon Purple), Whiskey Sour (Brick Red), and Amaretto Sour (Cool Caramel)


Liquid Courage Cosmetics: I am in love with cosmetic line seeing that the backstory of the founder/C.E.O. was a former tom boy like myself now reformed beauty guru. This cosmetic line is brown skin girl friendly along with t-shirts, handbags, and mugs all about “courage”. High pigment lipstick, and long lasting semi-matte liquid lipsticks have ranges of nudes, reds, pinks, and purples designed for all skin tones in mind.


Make Up for Melanin Girls: I have been following this Instagram for so long that when they came out with a liquid lipstick line I had to so some research. Long wear, ultra pigmented 8 shades that work for all shades of melanin. With names like “Dutty Wine”, “Melanin Merlot”, “Goals”, and “Brown Shuga” should be enough to let you know that this is designed for us brown skin babes in mind.

So there you have it! My current favorite brown skin babe friendly make up lines. I hope all my ladies (and dudes) find this helpful! Let me know what products you would want my personal point of view on. I have no choice but to keep it all the way real! Don’t get it twisted, I am a lipstick junkie…..I mean my name is lipstick and raybans lol. But beauty and brains can go hand and hand!!!


And please stay turned for part two! there is way more from where this came from lol




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