My Current Favorite Top Three Black Owned Make Up Lines (B.O.M.B)

Well I am back at it again with the black women friendly cosmetics, and since white people own all of the beauty industry, I decided that from now on I will only get the majority of my make up (which includes Lipstick/Lip Stains, Lip liners, and Foundation) from African American owned cosmetic lines. Yup, seeing that all has been going on lately with the beauty industry, I can’t with the bullshit. I think it’s time for women of color to take there money and put in the hands of black people who have there best interest at heart. So I am here to give a helping hand to all of my pretty ladies with beautiful brown skin.


The Lip Bar: This brand has had it’s humble beginnings on the TV show “Shark Tank”. When they were denied on the show, all hell broke loose and in the end, they already won everyone over (now that’s what I call girl power!).Now I can say that I am in love not just with the back story of the company, but also the cosmetic line itself! They have high pigment lip sticks, along with lip gloss, and even liquid matte lipstick that are under $13!!!! all the shades are brown skin girl friendly and on the website you can either order there or they are now available in Target stores nationwide!

From Left to Right: Purple Rain (Neon Purple), Whiskey Sour (Brick Red), and Amaretto Sour (Cool Caramel)


Liquid Courage Cosmetics: I am in love with cosmetic line seeing that the backstory of the founder/C.E.O. was a former tom boy like myself now reformed beauty guru. This cosmetic line is brown skin girl friendly along with t-shirts, handbags, and mugs all about “courage”. High pigment lipstick, and long lasting semi-matte liquid lipsticks have ranges of nudes, reds, pinks, and purples designed for all skin tones in mind.


Make Up for Melanin Girls: I have been following this Instagram for so long that when they came out with a liquid lipstick line I had to so some research. Long wear, ultra pigmented 8 shades that work for all shades of melanin. With names like “Dutty Wine”, “Melanin Merlot”, “Goals”, and “Brown Shuga” should be enough to let you know that this is designed for us brown skin babes in mind.

So there you have it! My current favorite brown skin babe friendly make up lines. I hope all my ladies (and dudes) find this helpful! Let me know what products you would want my personal point of view on. I have no choice but to keep it all the way real! Don’t get it twisted, I am a lipstick junkie…..I mean my name is lipstick and raybans lol. But beauty and brains can go hand and hand!!!


And please stay turned for part two! there is way more from where this came from lol



How I was an Adult who Grew up in Foster Care (My Testimony)

The American foster care system is never an easy discussion and being a former foster youth and dealing with trauma is something that I still deal with to this very day. There are some days that I am able to wake up, put my mask on, and act like everything is okay. Making everyone laugh and being adorable, without anyone knowing about the deep battles of depression,anxiety, abandonment, and trust issues that I deal with day to day. Dressed everyday including make up and hair did with the thought like no one can faze you yet you would rather want to be left alone and do you all day with no make up on and turn off all social media. Not knowing that I am a really outgoing young woman who wants to be social, laugh with everyone else, and turn up but is turned off to the extra loud, overbearing, and overpowering consumption of people who want to fit in but have flaws like everyone else.

Most foster youth run alone, not with a lot of people just because for the simple fact that people probably since the age of five, have been in and out of there lives since then. That also means that it’s really hard to make close bonds with people and have healthy relationships because there was no stable foundation that showing how to deal with people and love ones because everyone was either lying to you or moving you from one home to another. Usually most children pick up unhealthy ways to deal with the fact that people in there lives are never who they say they are on they don’t advocate for them. I know for me I self medicated a lot (smoked a lot drank a lot and it got worse when my mother passed away), I lied a lot to cover up what I was feeling, and I even pushed away people that I knew I needed around me.

 These are some of the issues that  I have faced throughout my life and I am taking it one day at a time, dealing with these issues.

tea time

The reason my group of friends are so small is that I don’t run with everyone simple as that. I am a lone wolf, someone who is known by everyone but only a few really know me. I can portray on social media that I have everything together but knowing dang well I have a group of small friends that understand me because at the end of the day they can be all different and yet have the same mind state like myself.

I know growing up, in the group home, you could never have friends because in the end they where going to go home with a foster parent or their biological parents and you are going to be stuck dealing with feeling like your in prison. For some, you grow up hating your parents and wondering if you have any worth because people who 6/10 times aren’t your family are raising you and most likely when you get older, you’re going to feel like empty and alone. That’s what I am still dealing with as an adult. But it’s going to get better! Just take it one day at a time and understand that life has so many chapters in your journey that its only the start of the story!


When dealing with abandonment issues, it’s never easy, but overtime your thoughts get better. Once you start to deal with it and acknowledge it then it’s easier to deal with it. I know I have trust issues because at the end of the day people always have either good or bad intentions but you just have to take your time and get to know people. I know it’s okay to be quite and observe, you learn a lot from a person who is the loudest one in the room.

Over time I felt as I was becoming an adult, realized that what I have when through has made me a stronger person. I know that my story can be something that can inspire not just people who work in the foster care system but young people who are trying to find the inner hope that they need to be able to go on in there life and be able to keep going.

this is just the beginning of my story and my testimony I just want to document it one blog post at a time.


Life After Graduation(Transitional Period Pt.1)

I swear I feel weird. I feel like once I walked across the stage, turned my tassel to the other side, and left the arena to see my family and friends greet me with hugs and gifts, I felt just weird. College at the undergraduate level was over. There was no more fighting for classes, waiting 20 minutes in line to get lunch on campus, and trying to order books the week before (or the week of) even though the professor never used the book after all. I didn’t have to worry about trying to time manage everything when it comes to classes, work schedules, self care, and sleep. I know I’m not just going through it there is a lot of college graduates that can relate to what I’m going through.College was over. This milestone is over. It was all over!

I beleve it


Now a couple months go by and you start to look for work because sitting in your room, watching Netflix, and eating frosted flakes isn’t cutting it. You start looking at graduate school options but sadly you don’t have enough money to apply to  the big list of colleges that you want to apply to. You work at a job that doesn’t give you enough pay to even survive off of and yet you manage to do it. Because you have free time you go out more, even though you know dang well you are a home body (I like to call it a extrovert/introvert). Relationships suck because it seems like everyone around you are trying to get they stuff together and seems like no one has time to show any type of emotion. You just start to feel lost.

Now you wonder “What’s Next?”, you are at a cross roads on what is next in your life. This is all that I am feeling at one time, just lost, confused and upset.

I know all you can do it take it one step at a time. I know it sounds a little too simple, but that is pretty much it. Pray and follow God in all that you need to do. Keep going and do things that you love. Make sure that your self care always comes first. There is more to life than what is going on. I know it’s going to get better. Just take your time.


5 issues that color treated natural hair ladies can understand

Now I have to admit I have a addiction to coloring my coily curls and I can’t help it. I know that over time my curls will take a beating but I just love to change my look up. I swear I can go from one extreme to another and still have my hair in tact lol. From blue-black,copper, burgundy, wine red, light brown with blonde highlights I swear I need to start buying curly wigs because I thing I have a problem lol. Yet there are some things that I noticed that no one told me when I first started coloring my hair.

Well I am hear to warn some of my naturals that want to finally go in and take a chance on coloring there curls!

DISCLAIMER: My hair is currently black! I miss having “normal” hair so I decided that I wanted to go back where I started. I MIGHT not color my hair for the next 6 months because I am lazy with the upkeep lol.

1.) The bleach smells funny and can also sting: I swear whether I do my own color or go to the salon, the smell of the developer and bleach makes me feel like I am getting attacked. That is something I won’t miss.

bye lol.gif

2.) Watching countless hours of YouTube videos. instagram, and pinterest to figure out what hair color you want to have: I swear I still do this to this day! I would look at pictures for hours and even days trying to figure out what color i should do next. Yet my hair had the final say and the color never came out the way it looked on social media. Take it from me, just buy a wig and call it a day!

shit omg

3.) Using box dye to color your hair and the color that is on the box isn’t showing up as the final look on your curls: I have had an incident when I had blue-black hair and tried to go reddish brown and the final color turns into purple. I have tried to color my hair red and it turns into brown and red patches. I will always try to go to a stylist to color my hair for me! I swear box dye is a gift from the devil. So many lies being told just from one application.

lookin a mess

4.) The money you have to spend to take care of your color treated curls can hurt your pockets: I am broke but I love when my hair feels good. The upkeep of coloring your coils and curls can take a tole on your checking account. This can be a bad thing, not just for you overall but for the health of your hair. Be careful and pay attention to what your hair is telling you!

im broke

5.)  In the end, you go back to dark brown or black because you went to far on coloring your hair: I can’t even lie, I have done this before. But I miss being a classic looking beauty with jet black curly hair. It only take 6 months from now I’ll see a cute hair color and start trying to figure out how I can get this color. I swear I have a serious problem!

the lord is testing me.gif

This is your hair and do what you feel you want to do with it! Take care of it and have fun. But don’t say I didn’t warn you in the process!

beyonce love 1.gif


All Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter

Why can’t we have our own shit! Yup I said it, and I’ll say it again.Why can’t we have out own shit. I feel like this phrase “Black Lives Matter” makes people who are non-white uncomfortable. I swear this is something that we should be able to have. What is the problem? No seriously, what is the problem because as an educator I have learned children don’t see color, yet for black children there is that one moment in there life with other children when they learn who they are because there classmate making a joke, a slur, or a goofy drawing that mentions there identity. In other words this is where this starts the concept (TO ME) the young scholars “black experience”. It bothers me that I can’t go down the street without being cussed out by a white man for wearing a shirt that says “Black Kids Matter, What’s Your Purpose?”. I am a African American female who works in a low income school district with the majority of my children in my class being black or brown. So what do you expect me to feel when I see black children and teens getting harassed by the police or murdered? Okay so like I was saying black kids do matter lol!

Yes all lives do matter, but at the same time right now at this very moment black lives matter because ever since we were kidnapped from our motherland of Africa, sent off to various parts of the Americas and the Caribbean, and forced to to labor work among white Europeans who would beat, rape, and kill us because of various ridiculous reasons we have never mattered. EVEN THOUGH we built the white house!

i cant 3

As a community we are tired of being sick and tired but we do have a lot of issues in the community. We are not perfect yet we will stand for each other because that is in out nature. Like my granny use to say “all ya skin folk aint ya kin folk” and sadly I believe that is so true. Some black people don’t agree with the concept of black lives matter, and I understand there reasons why. That doesn’t change my view lol. Yet in this day and age we need to say basically the affirmation “BLACK LIVES MATTER” to keep moving forward because it seems like society is moving backwards.

I swear saying all lives matter is like a fire truck putting the water on every other house in the neighborhood but the house that is burning!

My favorite nude lip colors for brown skin women

When I first started wearing make up I stayed away from nude colored lipsticks. I feel like when I would walk into MAC, Sephora, or even Ulta I would have some white women try to tell me about a nude lipstick that looks great on her, but makes my lips look ashy lol. But thank God for YouTube and all the women of color that are makeup artist that have been posting videos to help out young women like me not to look like we dipped out lips in powered sugar.

ANTM love

Now it’s my turn to help out all my brown girls and (guys) that want something that is brown skin approved!

make up 1

Disclamer: My skin type is Combination/Oily Skin and my skin tone is medium brown with a red undertones. Think of MAC NC 50, NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation in “New Guinea”, Black Radiance “Rum Spice” and Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation #10

  • NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in “Chocolate Crepe” and “Cinnamon Roll”: The color pay off is amazing! its creamy and long lasting. I would usually pair this with a lip primer and a dark brown lip liner just to make the gloss pop. Plus you can find these intense butter gloss anywhere and they are in a good price range so its not breaking your bank. And…they smell so yummy as well it would actually make you want a sweet treat after the fact! lol

    cinnamon roll gloss
    Cinnamon Roll
  • NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Dubai” and “Rome”: I love how soft this color goes on and the pigmentation is great. I would pair this yet again with a dark brown or medium brown liner either by NYX or any other makeup brand. Don’t forget to put a lip primer on BEFORE you put these colors on to make sure that the color last longer!
  • NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks (The Whole Line): I know I said I would only talk about one or two colors but in all reality, this whole line has won my heart over and the price it perfect for a beauty on a budget! Look this line is my top favorite line for brown girls of all shades to try. And the liquid lipsticks dry fast and last long so reapplying is not needed usually. These lip shades can use a lip line or not, but on the safe side, use a lip liner. Also make sure before putting these colors on you put on some type of chap-stick or even coconut oil if you feel fancy lol.nyx lingerie
  • Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipticks (The Whole Line): Look I love the colors that are in this line and any women could wear this line actually. I like “Chocolate Cherries” and “Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate” as my top two but I know there is more I still need to try lol. These are a little more expensive but its worth the money and this line is very pigmented too. These also smell good too so be careful lol.too faced chocolate
  • Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in “Lolita” and “Lolita II”: I swear it took me 6 months to get my hands on these two but it was worth the wait! They are long lasting, high pigment, and dry pretty fast once applied. these babies will last a long time and the price may seem high but it’s totally worth it lol. “Lolita” is more of a pink based brown and with brown liner it looks so soft and natural on brown skin. “Lolita II” on the other hand, looks more of a light dusty pink base with brown mixed in, its going to show up like a dark dusty rose…Basically one is more pink than the other lol. But they are worth it. But I wish that she would put more nude shades in her line but then again only time would tell. lolita

Now I have a craving to buy more nude lip shades lol. But in all reality, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with make up. It is used to ENHANCE your natural beauty not mask it. If you have any recommendations for nude lip colors I should try comment down below and subscribe!

The Love/Hate Relationship With Being Short and Having a Baby Face

i am over it 2

Being only 24 years old standing at 5’2 3/4th’s with a baby face that can get me mistaken for being a high school senior even though I am in my mid-20’s drives me crazy! I mean, every time I go somewhere to have an alcoholic drink I get carded, my feet in the majority of chairs (and sometimes on the toilet) sadly dangle, and whenever there is something really high on a shelf I have to climb up and get it, almost risking my life. I mean don’t get me wrong I love being short but sometimes it can be a pain in the butt and really annoying.

Here are some of the pros and cons of being short, or in other words my love and hate relationship with being short and having a baby face:

shit omg.gif

  • Not being able to reach things that are put in high places: This shit bothers me and can make people laugh at the same time. I hate being in the store or even going shopping and there is something that is at the top of the shelf and I have to jump,climb, and even knock things off the shelf just to get what I want. Most of the time I just give up and ask for help.

eye roll

  • Being told “Oh my gosh your 24, I thought you were 18” or “Wait aren’t you a freshmen? Oh your older….never mind”: Look the good Lord blessed me with ageless melanin and great skin. I can’t help it that I look like I should be a graduating senior in High School and not a College Graduate. But then again this could be a good thing because that means I’ll look 25 when I’m like 34 so in the end MELANIN WINS!


  • Siting on any seat that is too high and realizing that your feet are swinging: I really feel like a big ass kid when this happens. Going to the bar with my girls and realizing that (1) I have to climb up on to the stool and (2) that once sitting, my feet are extremely high off the ground and my feet are swinging. When sitting on the toilet I looking down, and realize my feet are 3 inches off the ground so being the big kid that I am, I swing my feet. I can usually laugh at this but sometimes this can be a little embarrassing and also annoying as well.

keke not hear for it

  • Having a significant other that messes with you all the time because you are way smaller that him: “Look you will respect me!….I know I’m adorable but I’m serious!….This is not funny, I don’t understand what is so fucking funny…..etc.” And the whole time you’re cussing him out, screaming at him and in his head he is laughing because your height mixed with your baby face makes you look even more adorable than before. The fact that he is 6’0 and above, and standing next to him you could be his arm rest makes it even worse. For me when I’m upset people usually don’t take me serious only when I say some crazy shit or change the tone of my voice, but usually 8/10 times this actually works lol.

Now don’t get me I love being short and having a youthful look but sometimes I makes me notice things that I have never noticed before. The majority of the women in my family are really tall and I figured growing up I would be tall too, but the good Lord upstairs didn’t bless me like I though. I love the fact that I am “fun sized” and that I can buy cute shoes for half the price. SO LONG STORY SHORT…..I have a love/hate relationship with being short.