Blue Ivy, Afros, and No Make Up: Stop Policing Black Women Beauty

My beauty is something that everyone that doesn’t have melanin wants. They would go tan, curl and crimp their hair, and even try every protective style in the book to look like me. Yet when we have children that are in South Africa protesting there right to wear the hair that God gave them and grown women from the black community are talking about Blue Ivy’s hair texture, we have a major problem.

tyra 2

Alicia Keys decided to stop wearing make up and everyone thinks she weird for doing so and the sad thing is….she looks more natural than half of the women in the industry and younger as well! So whats wrong with the “No Make Up” movement but yet we are okay with the natural hair movement?

Why is it that a black women’s beauty considered a fashion trend? Why can’t we as a collective enjoy what the good Lord gave us? Let little black girls and teens have the chance to understand that their beauty is something that no one can take away from them. Let these young ladies see positive representations of what it really means to have “Black Girl Magic” and use there talents to affect there communities.


I just want to say thank you to the young black girls that are in South Africa who are protesting for the right to wear there natural hair in school. They are really showcasing “Black Girl Magic”.

fist up fros out

All I can say is let black girls live! Let us live please! We come in all shape and sizes, colors and complexions, along with hair textures. Quit telling us we can’t be black when we are black. Stop saying our Box Braids, Kinky Twist, Afros, Curls, Coils, TWA, Weaves, and any hairstyle that we decide to wear isn’t considered to be beautiful and take that same style and call it a “trend”. Protective styling is not a trend! It’s a way for us to change up our hairstyles and make sure we “protect” out hair from the wear-and-tear of constant styling that our hair goes through. Let us enjoy who we are, let us support us. Empowerment comes from within, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

black beauty 1

Representation is always going to matter, Black beauty matters!


blessed, a little bit of a hot mess, with less stress…My goals for 2016!


I know it’s been a long time since I wrote something but now I am back with the jump off!!!!

I have been doing some self reflection lately and realized that this year has been a hot mess and I mean a real hot ass mess! But I know that things may happen, people may change and time waits for no one,I can’t control that, but I can control how I REACT to the changes that happen. I use to hate when things would change and I never really accepted that the world was happening around me. But seeing that I am going to be 24 in a couple of days and 2016 is less than a day away, it’s time to take a look at my life and really learn to embrace who I am inside and out!

Here are just some of the goals I was thinking about for 2016:

lol black girl issues

    Graduate with a semester GPA of 3.85-4.0: I want to bring my grades up so I can at least have the option of Graduate School…low key though I just want to be famous or work for some company that is well known

    Travel more!!!: Just go somewhere and forget about my crazy busy life…just for a moment

    Stop trying to save everyone aka “wonder woman¬†syndrome”: I have a big heart and I want to help everyone, but sometimes the question needs to be asked….who is saving me?

    Take part in a national natural hair line and (hopefully) become a brand ambassador and network among the various naturals within the natural hair community: I know this is going to be a big goal but I think I can do it!

    Grow spiritually: Reading my bible more, praying more, and understanding that God is working it out

    Do something different :Get a tattoo, another piercing…cut my hair again i don’t know lol but stay tuned there are some stuff in the works…

    Figure out what I’m going to do with my life….after graduation: I think its safe to say that growth is a product of change and I know whatever God let’s me do, I’m going to do the best and be the best. But knowing me I’m going back to school!

    Stop being afraid to speak my mind: ever since I was little I always tired to keep my mouth shut, and the concept of “children are to be seen nor heard” was something I had a problem with….why….because I talked to much! Now that I am older I plan on being more vocal, not just about little things, but current issues that are currently happening around me #blacklivesmatter

    I don’t believe in “new year….new me” crap because everyday you should want to challenge yourself. I think these are some good goals for myself personally to start with, now the questions you must ask yourself is what are your goals for 2016?