Blue Ivy, Afros, and No Make Up: Stop Policing Black Women Beauty

My beauty is something that everyone that doesn’t have melanin wants. They would go tan, curl and crimp their hair, and even try every protective style in the book to look like me. Yet when we have children that are in South Africa protesting there right to wear the hair that God gave them and grown women from the black community are talking about Blue Ivy’s hair texture, we have a major problem.

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Alicia Keys decided to stop wearing make up and everyone thinks she weird for doing so and the sad thing is….she looks more natural than half of the women in the industry and younger as well! So whats wrong with the “No Make Up” movement but yet we are okay with the natural hair movement?

Why is it that a black women’s beauty considered a fashion trend? Why can’t we as a collective enjoy what the good Lord gave us? Let little black girls and teens have the chance to understand that their beauty is something that no one can take away from them. Let these young ladies see positive representations of what it really means to have “Black Girl Magic” and use there talents to affect there communities.


I just want to say thank you to the young black girls that are in South Africa who are protesting for the right to wear there natural hair in school. They are really showcasing “Black Girl Magic”.

fist up fros out

All I can say is let black girls live! Let us live please! We come in all shape and sizes, colors and complexions, along with hair textures. Quit telling us we can’t be black when we are black. Stop saying our Box Braids, Kinky Twist, Afros, Curls, Coils, TWA, Weaves, and any hairstyle that we decide to wear isn’t considered to be beautiful and take that same style and call it a “trend”. Protective styling is not a trend! It’s a way for us to change up our hairstyles and make sure we “protect” out hair from the wear-and-tear of constant styling that our hair goes through. Let us enjoy who we are, let us support us. Empowerment comes from within, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Representation is always going to matter, Black beauty matters!


Self Care, Self Love, and Personal Growth (What I Understand)

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I know when I was a teenager I was so ready to be an adult! I couldn’t wait to be in college and be on my own away from my crazy family life and a city that I felt that couldn’t offer me anything because I was “to old and mature”. I was ready to start something brand new and hopefully find something that was bigger than myself.Once I got out of my grandparents 3 bedroom house that was right smack dab in the middle of the hood, I realized that all the times they told me, “You think you grown, but you aint! You better be careful because life isn’t as easy as it seems….but your gonna see!”and they were actually right (Don’t tell them I said that!).Life as an adult is hard,stressful and also challenging but I feel that once you learn about self care,self love and personal growth it’s not as bad as it seems.

So I am going to share with you the things that I learned (SO FAR) about self care, self love, and personal growth:

  • Self Care:┬áLife is going to stress you out, that is always going to happen. But fine the time to relax, because in the long run your health (mental,spiritual, and physical) will take a slow and damaging turn. I know for me I like to do my homework during the week and (hopefully) but the weekend I can light some candles, watch my favorite shows, and just sleep in. Also what I plan on doing is turning off social media and clocking out of the cyber world to mentally relax. I feel that we are in a day and age that everything we do is on social media and it’s too much! I hate it because everyone is on these outlets lying about stuff to impress the next person because they have something that they want. Ever heard of the term “Keep hating your going to turn green with envy”! I don’t have time to put on a show for no one and don’t get me wrong I do have my noisy moments but I don’t need to know every since part of your life.

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  • Self Love: I’m no expert on this but I know that enjoying and loving yourself will reflect on to other people and from there you’ll feel better about yourself. I have always been told that I have a bright personality and I feel that comes from feeling positive and letting my inner beauty shine out. I want to leave a positive impression on the people I meet because you never know how that may affect that person. I love to laugh and I know that sharing a laugh with someone might be the thing that they were needing at that moment. Also with the idea of self love, understanding that God made you the way you are! He knew what he was doing the whole time and he loves you just the way you are (ugh don’t get me crying and preaching please). Understand that you can’t be perfect and if you keep striving for it, your going to burn yourself out. It’s okay to cry and be sad if needed but don’t be that way for long. I know when I was suffering with depression, I lost the love for life and for myself, and it took a tole on me. So I had to fine the love within myself, and it’s still a thing I am still dealing with to this day so don’t think that self love isn’t a journey, because it is!

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  • Personal Growth: Now when I started college I was 18 (turning 19: I have an early birthday) and now I am 24 years old and I know that I have grown a lot since then! I know that by the time I get 30, I probably will not have the same mind state that I have now at 24. Changing and growing is apart of life, for example my hair may be any shade of red (right now it’s burgundy) but maybe by 30 it will be a short cut that is just how life changes up on us! Learning from the mistakes as well as learning from the blessings that God gives you will help you along your journey in life. Not everyone will be on this personal journey, friends may slowly move out of the picture, boyfriend/girlfriend may or may not be growing with you, career may change, you never know where life could take you. But hell enjoy the ride and eat the snacks (knowledge) that are provided!

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Remember that life is never going to be easy because if it was then we would all have perfect lives. But taking the time to give yourself a mental break will make it a little easier to deal with and more understanding. Never be afraid to meditate, pray,relax, and give yourself time to reflect on the things that you have been through. It’s okay to be emotional and cry, believe me I have done it a lot lately! Now go out there and take on the world, but in baby steps lol